About Us

A collection truly worthy to be a symbol of a love shared

Although diamonds are now within the reach of many, only a few of us will be fortunate enough to experience the exceptional beauty of a truly fine stone.

We are always searching out exceptionally designed and crafted Diamond Jewellery - contemporary and classic designs for the woman who shines brightest. Our clients have come to expect the best from us. This Love & Passion diamond collection more than meets the brief.

As it is to be a symbol of your commitment to one another, we ensure the diamond quality is exemplary. The selection process is uncompromising. In our Bridal collection all diamonds over one third carat come with their own independent diamond certificate so the woman who receives a Love & Passion ring will know it is superlative.

We are happy to take the time to show you the differences in diamonds to ensure you feel completely confident of the stones in the ring you select

Each of our Love & Passion diamonds sold loose or in Jewellery is in full compliance with the certification system of the Kimberley Process as defined by the United Nations under the guarantee system instituted by this process, each partner provides a certificate that attests the sourcing of diamonds from non-conflict countries. 

The Love & Passion ring has a secret diamond set inside the band. It symbolizes the infinite love you share as a couple.