The standard length of our bracelets is 18cm. Diamond weights of our tennis bracelets are reflective of an 18cm bracelet. Shorter length bracelets will have lower carat weight and therefore a price adjustment might need to be made. The same would apply for much longer bracelets which would have a higher carat weight. If you require your bracelet to be a different length that our standard 18cm bracelets, please feel free to email us at for a quote and delivery.

How to measure your wrist:

In order to have an accurate measurement of your wrist and make sure your bracelet is going to fit, either measure an existing bracelet that you have or use our printable soft tape measure and wrap it around your wrist.

Step 1: Print

Print this ruler on A4 portrait paper.

Step 2: Cut along the ruler template

Step 3: Measure your wrist

With the soft measuring tape, measure just above your wrist, where you would normally have your bracelet sit. Make sure the tape measure sits firmly and then add on 1.5cm-2cm depending on how snug you want your bracelet to be.